Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sunny morning

The sun shines into this basement in the mornings - just slipping in across the kitchen table. P and L are sitting there doing some stuff with fimo. The Indigo Girls are singing in the corner. So far this morning, children have read, written, calculated, played in the street, chatted, made food and drink - lived and learned. So have I. I will just keep doing this, whatever the govt decrees.

In the end, we will have to have the courage of our convictions, but that's nothing new is it? Haven't we all done this many a time? Amy Ray says this in the song I'm listening to now,
"Here's what I find about compromise - don't do it if it hurts inside,
cause either way you're screwed,
eventually you'll find you may as well feel good: you may as well have some pride."

I think most people know that if they'd stuck to just the approved paths in life they'd have missed out a hell of a lot of living. I know I would.


Lisa G said...

I agree whole heartedly with your last paragraph, I will be stepping further off the approved paths in the next year and I keep coming across words like this which further re-inforce my decisions, I'm going to take it as a good omen!

Anonymous said...


I was the poster who replied to your comment on Home Ed Heretic blog about planning for home education.

I found it interesting to see Simon Webb's response when you stated that you could not see a good reason for planning. Instead of giving you a proper answer, Simon Webb just attacked you with his prepackaged putdown.("The fact that you say/think X says more about you than it does about me.")

When I thought about it afterwards, it made no sense to be so imperious. Why not just write, out of his own experience, about how he had found a plan to be of use? That's what I tried to do, without being a know-all about it, I hope!

I remember reading a blog entry about using textbooks. The lady said that she'd always been a bit dubious about them, but had tried it for a year. She explained that there were some circumstances in which one might find it helpful to use textbooks, and gave examples. She explained how one could use them in home edding without learning becoming dry or dull. She presented it to us as info which might be of use. I was so impressed with how she communicated, that I kept the article, even though I don't intend to use textbooks. She was gracious and positive in how she communicated.

I stumbled across Simon Webb's site and I'm shocked by it. All the other blogs by home ed veterans are encouraging and want to help out the parents following behind. Simon Webb just criticises other home edders. There's nothing there that gives hope, help or support to others. He also has no heart for protecting the freedoms of the next generation of home educators (which might include his children). It's shocking because all the other blogging grandmas feel that, with their home educating years over, they can now minister to other families. I don't get that sense of ministry, just looking down at people. Nowhere on the site does he mention admiring other home edders. That's why I got a whiff of misanthropy.

I haven't posted again, and don't think I'll waste time reading the blog in future, as it isn't edifying to me.

But you can keep fighting if you like.

Allie said...

Hello, both.

Good luck with whatever it is, Lisa!

Hello, Anonymous. That guy is expert at avoidance techniques like that one. He really should've gone into politics. I have no idea what motivates him. I think it's just a desire to enlighten everyone in the one true path, which appears to be his. I hope that when my kids are off at college/uni/work/ I'll be doing something other than hanging around like Banquo's ghost. But seeing as he feels the need to share his 'wisdom' with the world in general I like to make the odd point - in case there are new home edders feeling thoroughly put-off...

Anonymous said...

You'r a better man than I, Gungha Din!

Good luck with the probability stuff -- our eldest is 6, so I am still at 0+8=8!!

I shall sign off now, since I just popped into your blog to say a quick hello as a fellow home edder and foe of Baadman...

Anthea (or Anonymous)