Wednesday, 9 September 2009


OK, so it seems I have lost the blogging bug. But I don't really want to stop, so let's see if I can manage something - anything! Dani is mostly spending computer time doing things related to the Badman review. If I get a substantial chunk of time then I'm trying to work on short stories etc.

September has arrived and things here are slowing transforming themselves into the more group-orientated life we have during 'terms'. It is odd how very different 'holiday' time is for us. It is partly because most of the children's group activities stop and also because we see more of schooled cousins. Once the term starts that all changes.

This term has some interesting things ahead for P. She is going to be doing a first aid course over four sessions, starting this week. That's going to be followed by some ohotography and probably basket weaving. There's her learning group (fortnightly) run by South Downs Learning College. Little Green Pig starts again, which both the children are going back to. P has various other plans but she doesn't want me wittering on about them all on here! Busy life, though.

Yesterday was a sudden return of summer, which seems to have vanished again now. P has got involved with some people campaigning for cleaner air around the nearest main road and she went out to do an hour surveying the traffic with them. She had to cadge some suncream from someone!

Leo is happy that Kids' Club is starting again today. He is not as into group settings as P but he really likes the chance to have a good play with a gang of friends. He has fond memories of the Merlin inspired 'show' they did last Christmas and is keen to do something similar this year. I have mentioned that a narrator would be a big help as the audience did find it challening to follow last year. The beheading was very well done though...

Right, today is a busy day. D and I still have the same work pattern so we have a tight changeover in the middle of today. D is meeting with a councillor later too. Now must get dressed and get going!


Maire said...

Good to see you back and power to Dani's elbow! We are a bit constrained here as to what we can start due to my legs, but I am looking forward to regular events bringing some normality into Beth's life.

mamacrow said...

I've noticed that too this summer - a similar change of pace for a similar reason, catching up with all the schooled friends/relatives!