Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A snapshot

As I am failing to come up with well argued and interesting posts for this blog and I am also unable keep the thing up to date, I've decided to post a snapshot. Here's what happened today.

Dani went off to work and I got up and offered children breakfast. P had eaten and showered already and settled down in her room to do get on with something she's working on at the moment. Leo was waiting for a book to arrive from Amazon, so he spent quite a while writing and drawing in his spell book, on the hallway floor by the letterbox! It didn't come today - but he has high hopes for tomorrow.

I pottered about doing bits of housework and answering P's occasional questions. Leo did his laundry and I helped him to peg it out on the line. The weather has been amazing.

I had a coffee and did some maths with Pearl. Leo was pottering happily in the garden. He managed to bang a nail into a bouncy ball and then tied string to it, so he could play with it without losing it over the garden wall.

The morning got a bit frantic when I got simultaneous phone calls from the delivery driver saying our grocery shop would be late and one from a BBC journalist looking for someone to watch the PMs speech with her and then comment on it. I couldn't help the journalist because (is this surprising?) our day was rather busy with home education... The shopping turned up but not until after lunch.

I cobbled together a lunch (lots of mash and one quorn sausage each!) and then the shopping arrived just as we had to leave the house for Squeezebox. The kids had a band session, while I waited and read my book. I am finding this book a bit of a struggle as it's darker and more grizzly than I usually read. P and L's band is working towards a gig at Christmas and, after that, they have decided to stop. Both the kids have really enjoyed being in the band but now want to drop that commitment to free up the time and money for other things.

After Squeezebox, we went up to the park for an hour. There was a really large group of home edders there this week. Both the children found people to chat to and play with and I had a quick cuppa with friends. Then it was time for Leo's Little Green Pig session. I dropped him off and then went home to put away the shopping because we were expecting a plumber to arrive later on and the hall was full of bags.

Pearl's Little Green Pig group was meeting in town this week, to work on some podcasts, so she went off to that. Dani picked up Leo after she finished at work and they came home. The plumber turned up and fixed our shower and the tap in Pearl's bathroom - all very quick and good value. I was just serving up some pasta when Pearl got in from town.

The evening has been quiet. Leo discovered series three of Black Books on the channel four website and Pearl watched Friends in her room. Pearl is now typing in her room (her manual typewriter makes a heck of a clunk!) and I left Leo reading in bed. I think D wants this computer now, so I'm off to flop on the sofa.

Tomorrow will be very different but I don't imagine I'll get round to blogging that...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Sunny morning

The sun shines into this basement in the mornings - just slipping in across the kitchen table. P and L are sitting there doing some stuff with fimo. The Indigo Girls are singing in the corner. So far this morning, children have read, written, calculated, played in the street, chatted, made food and drink - lived and learned. So have I. I will just keep doing this, whatever the govt decrees.

In the end, we will have to have the courage of our convictions, but that's nothing new is it? Haven't we all done this many a time? Amy Ray says this in the song I'm listening to now,
"Here's what I find about compromise - don't do it if it hurts inside,
cause either way you're screwed,
eventually you'll find you may as well feel good: you may as well have some pride."

I think most people know that if they'd stuck to just the approved paths in life they'd have missed out a hell of a lot of living. I know I would.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


OK, so it seems I have lost the blogging bug. But I don't really want to stop, so let's see if I can manage something - anything! Dani is mostly spending computer time doing things related to the Badman review. If I get a substantial chunk of time then I'm trying to work on short stories etc.

September has arrived and things here are slowing transforming themselves into the more group-orientated life we have during 'terms'. It is odd how very different 'holiday' time is for us. It is partly because most of the children's group activities stop and also because we see more of schooled cousins. Once the term starts that all changes.

This term has some interesting things ahead for P. She is going to be doing a first aid course over four sessions, starting this week. That's going to be followed by some ohotography and probably basket weaving. There's her learning group (fortnightly) run by South Downs Learning College. Little Green Pig starts again, which both the children are going back to. P has various other plans but she doesn't want me wittering on about them all on here! Busy life, though.

Yesterday was a sudden return of summer, which seems to have vanished again now. P has got involved with some people campaigning for cleaner air around the nearest main road and she went out to do an hour surveying the traffic with them. She had to cadge some suncream from someone!

Leo is happy that Kids' Club is starting again today. He is not as into group settings as P but he really likes the chance to have a good play with a gang of friends. He has fond memories of the Merlin inspired 'show' they did last Christmas and is keen to do something similar this year. I have mentioned that a narrator would be a big help as the audience did find it challening to follow last year. The beheading was very well done though...

Right, today is a busy day. D and I still have the same work pattern so we have a tight changeover in the middle of today. D is meeting with a councillor later too. Now must get dressed and get going!