Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Summer stuff

In an attempt to keep this blog alive, here's another post! Since returning from St Ives, we have been enjoying some lovely weather at home.

On Monday, Dani took the kids on a bike ride. They got the train to Polegate and then rode about nine miles on the Cuckoo Trail. Leo fell off rather dramatically but got off lightly with just a skinned knee. They saw excellent wildlife but I'm not allowed to give you any details because they want to.

There's been lots going on at home as well as out and about. Both the children have been writing letters. Once again, I can give you no details but will say that it is great to see them getting their opinions out there. They are both fans of snail mail. Leo was thrilled to hear that a letter to the US would go airmail. The fact that an email whizzes about the world in a flash is not exciting to him - just normal. Isn't it odd how we have such different ideas about 'normal' to those of our children?

Also going on at home - more zine making, drawing, making a string bag (P) and sewing (L) and some maths stuff (both). Recent conversations have been good - lots about current affairs.

Yesterday, Pearl, Leo and I went to the beach hut with an auntie, two cousins and a grandmother. It was a beautiful day and just right for some swimming in the sea. A neighbour from across the road, who happens to have a beach hut a few doors away from ours (yes, weird!) was there with a canoe. He took each child out for a little paddle, which cousin D declared to be,

"the experience of a lifetime!"

The sea in Brighton (Hove actually) is far less cold than the sea in Cornwall, so it felt like a bath to me. After lunch, the sea was a bit more choppy (not at all dangerously so, just some bigger waves) and several of the kids had fun letting waves break over their heads and so forth!

A sparkly day on the beach

A happy Leo

Pearl and cousin B finding interesting stones.

The kids have just popped to the post office and to Dani's work to do some important photocopying. Then we're off out again - to a favourite park.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds really fun I wish I had been at the beach. Are you going on this often?