Wednesday, 8 July 2009


We are still here but too busy to blog! We have been doing various things re. the Badman Review. We had a fairly encouraging visit to our MP. I hope that something will come of that. Dani has put in work on postcards for supportive family and friends to send. Those are all genuine home ed kids having a good time in the park :-)I swing between feeling hopeful that we can resist at least the worst excesses of all the nonsense and despondent that all is lost. We shall see.

Saturday was our local community festival and we did a stall selling some of the kids’ old toys. We all got a bit sunburned as we failed to appreciate the fact that our shady stall would become sunny as the day wore on. P and her cousin S were photographed for the local paper. They had both put in lots of work as part of the organising group for the day. I have been so impressed with their efforts – selling plants, stamping the ‘passports’ for the day and putting flyers on parked cars. They also sat in a fair few meetings. Pearlie seems to enjoy that. Can’t imagine where she gets that from... ;-)

This week is frantic. We are doing our best to get ready for HESFES but we seem to have lots of other stuff happening. Last night was the Little Green Pig Open Mic. L took part in a couple of collaborative pieces and also read a story of his own. He does write a mean story and he did very well at the reading – standing close to the microphone, doing an intro and using gesture. He had practised alone in his room so we had no idea how prepared he was. Home edders were well represented – as usual. I really like it that LGP includes both school children and home edders.
I have to keep rushing back to town to get things we’ve suddenly realised are vital for HESFES. No doubt there will come a moment when we just have to stop doing that! Do other people do this?

“Melamine cups... That’s what we need...Wellies.... A bigger sun suit... Shorts... Matches... Washing-up liquid! Painkillers... Burn plasters... More string! The railcard has run out! Panic!”

As we have a normal week in terms of home ed groups, work for me and Dani - and P eager to keep up with maths books - it is all a bit tight. Will be blogging again after HESFES...