Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Structural engineer, chimney stack, life and all that

I must not (bangs head on wall – gently!) ever say that things are all going well with the building work. We have had a visit from a structural engineer and we need more scaffolding for the removal and re-building of the chimney stack up on the roof. “Can of worms!” – as the builder keeps saying to me. The mysterious missing chimney breast in the basement was not, it turns out, supported by anything. So it looks like we’ll be getting some steels inserted under that at some point soon too.

Life goes on around all this. Both P and L would like people to visit their blogs. We have been playing Boggle with the injured grandmother and admiring her wonderful purple plaster. School holidays have meant some more time with local cousins. P and L are really on fire with motivation at the moment and it’s great to be summoned for help with craft knives or maths questions, but I’m flagging a bit because of the house stuff. This is a small house and the work being done feels rather like major surgery on its aged body. I’m not sleeping well. D and I are both busy at work. Easter vacation isn’t much of a vacation at my work as lots of students are working on dissertations and so on.

I am looking forward to the weekend and some rest. In the meantime I’m off to find out a fact about Yemen. P has decided that each week we should pick a country off the map and each find out a fact about it... A home educator’s work is never done. Wouldn’t have it any other way, of course. And, by the way, we spent time today considering at what ages different family members would be (or were) half the age of others. It’s fun. It was interesting to see that L is now three quarters of P’s age when six years ago he was only half her age. P only has to wait until she’s 26 and she’ll be half of my 52... I wonder if the house will still be standing then???


Kirsty said...

Apparantly lots of Yemenese (is that right?) people settled in Sheffield during the 2nd world war. there was an exhibition on in our museum about it and about Yemen which I thought would have gone right over my 2's heads but they loved it really. They have some really pretty decorated houses too which Alex loved making drawings of :)

Ugh to building work though!

Anonymous said...

I hope that your sleep pattern has changed and you are getting the rest that you need.

It can be dreadfully unsettling having any major work needing done on a home, I can't stand even the phone people coming to do a little job (err..like drilling up the garden).

Just a case of getting through it and making sure you get a comfort zone while the bits are done.

IKWYM about a home edders work never being done, I love the way things spin off and we can just let a topic blossom. We often 'phone a friend' for an answer, and this ability to be reach out and really get to grips with the matter is what makes home learning so dynamic. If we want it to be that is!

Sending love and respect and regards to you and yours,

'ef' x

Allie said...

Thanks, both. Dani was deemed to have found out the most interesting fact about Yemen so she got to pick next week's country - Japan. D told us about the Queen of Sheba.