Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Up and doing

I think we’re expecting builders and/or building inspector this morning, so I’m dressed. Getting up early means there’s time to fit in a short conversation about academic research, blogging and the advancement of human knowledge, with Dani, before she leaves for work. The kids are certainly awake and I suspect watching tv, with every intention of getting dressed in a minute!

Things are busy here. Leo’s birthday approaches and we are having a little family gathering at the weekend. He wants to go to London Zoo for a birthday trip, which is not cheap, so we’re doing that as a family trip in a week or two.

There have been some excellent and cheering things happening. The council has decided to build a new building in the park where we have Kids’ Club. Hopefully they will site it in a different bit of the park so we can continue using the old building while they construct the new one. That’s a huge relief. The search for venues for home ed groups is never easy, is it?

The fabulous John Fardell sent the children a signed copy of his new book. We had contacted him a while ago to try to find out more about the proposed publication date of his new book and he felt we deserved a free copy. Hoorah! Everyone wants to read it so we’re trying to find half an hour a day when we can all be together and enjoy it as a family book.

We got our HESFES ticket in the post. We have had an offer, from a grandmother, to drive us to the site with our gear this year and I think we’ll take her up on that. It will mean we can take better cooking stuff, which looks like it will be necessary this year. I’m considering splashing out on air beds too as my old bones complain a bit about tatty foam camping mats. Mustn’t get carried away though!

I am currently reading Leo Brisingr, which is very wordy! I find that I do like these fantasy books but they are not for the fainthearted. You have to be up for the 700 pages and enjoy every detailed description. Pearl and Dani are reading Noughts and Crosses. Pearlie has also been enjoying some new historical novels. I can’t remember what they are but they are set in the 1600s.

People reading Leo’s blog/s may have noticed that he is rather into The X Files at the moment. There are FBI ID cards all around the house.

I’m waiting to hear if I have got onto a writing course at CCE next term. It happens to run in a two hour time slot which is just about the only moment in the week when both D and I are not at work – so it looks just possible. I like to do a course every now and then because it beings me into contact with new people who write fiction.

Right. I hear the sound of padding feet and think it is time to make toast. Hope the building people arrive before we have to go to Squeezebox.


peri said...

Not a 100% certain but I think we have a double blow up matress that was only used once - you're welcome to borrow it if you like. We invested in individual airbeds with the matress built into the sleeping bag (can be removed if ness) they are the most comfortable and cosy option we found - we have 3 singles and they fit fine in the tent and are fairly easy to transport. Came from Argos so were good price too!

hwga said...

We've just bought a self inflating mattress for our tent to replace the airbed. Much easier & quicker to set up & warmer too.

Allie said...

Thanks for the offer, Peri, but I suspect it won't fit in our little tent with enough room left for Leo and/or Pearlie too!

Hello hwga! Didn't know you were still reading here. Hope all is going well with your adventure.