Friday, 27 March 2009

Still here

We are still here but rather pre-occupied with all things roof related at the moment. All is ok but been somewhat delayed by weather etc. so we still have plastic for our roof at the moment. I can’t tell you how relieved I will be when it is all done and sound. I am not sleeping very well and that, coupled with getting up early, is making me very tired by the end of the day. I fell asleep on the sofa most nights this week.

I did manage to get a page of my thoughts off to the home ed review team this evening. It really wasn’t good enough to share with everyone! My main point was that the current situation is unsatisfactory what with LAs making up the law as they see fit and the best thing would be to re-issue the 2007 guidelines as statutory guidance. I also advised that properly trained LA staff would remove a barrier to service use by home ed families and that they should market all their services to home educating families as well as families using schools. I stressed that the LA’s role in our family life is that of service provider and that is how we want it to stay. I was inspired by Gill’s post to actually say what I’d like to see, rather than get drawn into arguing with the things we think they are thinking!

Anyway, we shall see.

Everyone in the family is pootling on with their stuff. I am trying not to blog details of what the kids are up to – unless they ask me to – but they are both highly productive at the moment. Dani has been working on a funding application for one of the home ed groups we are part of and being very busy at her work. I have signed up for a ten week creative writing course next term, which I’m very pleased about. It runs on the only weekday morning that neither of us is at work and the kids both have group things, so I’m hoping I can follow it properly. I’m quite excited.

OK, flagging here, better stop!


mamacrow said...

oh my goodness! My brotherinlaw (one of 'em) lives in Brighton and reported SNOW a few days ago - I trust y'all are ok? Not frozen to death after burning all the furniture?!

Allie said...

Thanks, mamacrow. We had a wild hail shower on Saturday but the plastic and tin did their job and nothing came through. I'm hoping that a dry week will enable them to get the bulk of the heavy work done.