Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Opinions wanted

So, we had a super trip to the zoo on Sunday, which Leo has blogged. It was his chosen birthday excursion and it was surprisingly enjoyable. We haven’t been for years and I felt that the whole place was much better. The elephants are no longer there which is good. They clearly didn’t have the space they needed. There is a super rainforest space, which is big and open, where we got to see sloths. I’d certainly recommend it. We got the kids in for free using some vouchers off the internet.

While we were there we got a call to tell us that my mum had broken her ankle. She is in a temporary plaster until next Monday and then a cast. She is doing her best to get about but not really managing the crutches. Has anyone ever hear of these trolleys? Anyone else had a similar injury and think they would work? Or not?
Roof work is continuing here thanks to the dry weather. Of course, nothing is ever really simple and little niggles crop up as we go. Old houses = cans of worms. But fingers crossed it will all progress ok now.

Right, I have people wanting this pc and wanting me to do some maths with them, so I shall go.


Jax said...

Sorry to hear about your mum :( Hope she isn't in too much pain. I've never heard of those trolleys I'm afraid, I think I'd be afraid of it scooting off without me and me landing on either my backside or my face, but then I'm horribly clumsy.

Kate A said...

Sorry to hear about your mum. I haven't seen those trolleys before, but I'd be a bit wary of them, because they would stop usage of the muscles in the injured leg and may well make recovery slower and more difficult in the long term.
Perhaps a walking frame might be a better option as it would be free standing but still enable use of the leg muscles? I know the zimmer frame image isn't a good one... but you can get some quite snazzy looking things now with bags or shelves attached etc.
She should try and have a talk with the physiotherapy department at the hospital.

Allie said...

Thanks, Kate. She's actually doing far better with the crutches now she has a proper plaster on. It is very tiring, though.