Monday, 2 March 2009

At cross purposes

Well, this has been an odd day. It was all set to be a usual(ish) kind of Monday with D at work in the morning, me in the afternoon, L off to art group and P going round to see the grandmothers. Then the scaffolders came. While I was in my dressing gown... We had misunderstood in a recent conversation with the builder and weren’t expecting them this week at all!

I seem to keep finding myself in situations where I feel like I’m failing to communicate properly at the moment – and not just about scaffolding. I suspect that a lot of it comes from that gulf you get when you’re standing somewhere with your particular life experiences and someone else is standing in their spot, with their life experiences, and what you mean goes down the gap. I have long suspected that this is what happens to a great mass of human communication. And then, of course, we take umbrage. ( I like “take umbrage” BTW.) I am certainly someone who takes it but I don’t tend to hold it very long.

In my quest to narrow gaps and spend less time grabbing hold of that umbrage thing, I have long wished for a few alternative lives to lead. These would be good to visit for a day or two every couple of months, maybe. Or perhaps I should look more closely at reincarnation?

So, here are two favourite songs that address the theme of reincarnation. For any Victoria Wood aficionados – then yes, there is a verse missing...

And this one is very enjoyable too but I can't embed it.

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