Monday, 16 February 2009


Gosh, is anyone else feeling the need of spring? I have been getting off the bus early on my way to work, so I can seek out buds and those little blunt, green knives of spring bulbs popping up. I need to know warmth and light are on their way. It was certainly heartening to find it still light when leaving work this weekend.

We’ve been back in the swing again since returning from York but are now having a different week because it’s half-term and several of the kids’ groups stop during school holidays. The grandmothers are also away on an exciting trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, so no-one is going to see them. The kids seem to be starting this week with a lie in as they haven’t appeared yet.

Everyone in the family is really busy these days. There is a lot going on and a lot being produced in the way of art, craft, writing and blogging. Dani, I and some other local home edders have been reading and commenting on a new draft EHE policy from the local authority. We feed back to the local community regularly and don’t claim to be representing anyone, BTW. We are also independent of any national home ed organisation. It’s taken more than three years since we first asked to see the policy and were told it was all going to be updated. With the new review in the air we have no way of knowing if it will ever be adopted or if it will be changed again. It is all very tedious. I have reason to be believe that what happens IRL is only ever vaguely related to policies anyway, so it does feel a little frustrating, to say the least.

Work on our roof is going to start in a couple of weeks, which is good, if a little frightening. I am hoping for a dry, mild spring to make it easier for the people doing the work.

Dani finished my new cardigan, which is lovely and warm and fits me really well. It is lovely to have something that fits my shoulders and arms as most garments dangle off my hands by several inches. Have a look at her knitting notes for photos.

Right, well I guess I should get on with something more useful than this.

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mamacrow said...

'I have reason to be believe that what happens IRL is only ever vaguely related to policies anyway'

you know, very true that...