Sunday, 22 February 2009

It wasn’t us! Honest!

I am sitting here with wonderfully toasty feet, because D has finished a pair of woolly slipper socks for me.

Yesterday we had the most glorious weather and a good day. We went to the Brighton Science Festival Bright Sparks day. There were lots of things to do and see. Pearl was very taken with the robot hoover (latest model apparently) that would do your hoovering all by itself while you were out. I wasn’t convinced it would cope with the grot that ends up on our carpets and I think it could be killed by sucking up a Sylvanian shoe. Leo liked the fossils, bones, hooves and skins brought by some people from the Grant Museum. The kids were very good at getting themselves through the crowd to do the things they wanted to do. Pearlie did the egg challenge. She gave her egg some good wrapping but, when she dropped it from a stairwell, it still broke! Leo did a mammal detective thing which he thought was a bit slow but they did give him a mini magnifying glass, so he was happy. He also made a dummy ‘sneeze’ and did a quiz about marine life. I asked him if was interested in the quiz in the microbes room but he told me he was ‘quizzed out’ by that time.

The day was held in the senior bit of a secondary school, so that was quite interesting to nose about. The weather was so good we took chairs from the canteen and ate our packed lunch outside.

After the science festival we went down to the sea. I found I had a desperate urge to be on the beach, which was no doubt brought on by the sun and which appeared to be shared with hundreds of other people. We bought the kids some chips and sat on a groyne looking at the sad hulk of the West Pier. We walked part of the way home along the beach and then hopped on a bus.
Leo had picked up a pebble with a hole, inside which is a little crystal cave. As we were sitting around tonight he was looking at it with a torch when he said,
“Would this be classified as a geode?”

Leo also blogged about Darwin today, so he must be having a science kick.

I went to work today and came home to the smell of cleaning products. P is on a mission to earn herself jobs money for more materials for mobiles. On my way along the street I had noticed that there was some ‘no cars’ chalking on the pavement. In previous months and years this has been done by our kids but the writing/spelling etc. suggested that this time it was not. The kids confirmed this. Then, this evening, we had a knock on the door from a neighbour who was angry about a ‘no cars’ leaflet – hand drawn by a child – that had come through her door. She was rather deflated when Dani told her it was nothing to do with us! I wish I’d answered the door because I had some bottled indignation from some workplace dealings that I would have liked to vent. I don’t see how any adult could take offence at a leaflet written by a seven year old, for goodness sake. We got one of these leaflets posted back through the door from another neighbour, with the message that he had sold his car and would not be buying another. Well, that’s nice to know but it how can we spread the word that it wasn’t P and L this time? I think it’s really funny how this has caught on with other kids in the street. P and L say they know who it was – some younger kids from across the road.

Right, we have a busy week ahead, so time for a cuppa and then some sleep, I think.


'EF' x said...

Your kids rock! Can you tell more about the 'no cars' campaign, or is there a post you did on it that I missed....?

Allie said...

Well, our kids have often chalked slogans on the street, made leaflets to leave on car windscreens etc. They are very 'boxed in' by cars in this neighbourhood. There are narrow streets, often lined both sides, bumper to bumper, with cars. The kids' resistance is probably best characterised as afternoons of rebellion, rather than a campaign as such. Judging by the reaction to the activities of the neighbouring kids, yesterday, I think it is pushing buttons!

Pearl said...

We told them about 'Children Against Cars' actally.
Now I think they are unofficial members.

mamacrow said...

Children Against Cars. Love it.

You know it is exactly this kind of independent and motivated politicism that the government want to squash by herding everyone off to indoctrination farms. I mean schools ;-p

Pearl said...

yes mamacrow.

Allie said...

Well, yes, but to be fair two of the founder members of children against cars go to school!

Elizabeth said...

Well Kudos to which ever child wrote the notes! Not that I'm against cars (we do have 2 and I've done lots of mileage in my day), but--I love that they are learning to stand up for the causes they are concerned about. Not enough people get active about things that affect their lives.