Monday, 26 January 2009

Meme - 8 random facts about me

We've been tagged by Gill and I'll give this a go as I'm up and waiting for the supermarket shop to arrive. I think I've done something similar before, so I'll try not to duplicate.

1. My mum was born in the street behind the one in which I grew up.
2. My first independent swimming happened when I fell in a river. Nothing like an incentive!
3. A sabotaged bomb saved my mum's life in childhood and so, you could say, I'm here thanks to the actions of some brave resistance in Nazi occupied Europe somewhere.
4. I can fall asleep anywhere.
5. I love a Torch Song.
6. I was born as the youngest of four in a boy, girl, boy, girl pattern.
7. I once bleached my hair to a very unappealing colour and shaved it all off to a number one buzz cut. That was a cold winter in Yorkshire.
8. I wanted to be five foot eight inches tall when I was a kid. This was never going to happen and I see the world from about seven inches shorter than that.

Tagging? I don't really do that. But, if you're reading and you want to tell us something about you - please do.

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mamacrow said...

The bomb thing is so cool!

I am the youngest of 5 girls; I have two sisters and two half sisters.