Friday, 16 January 2009

Buzzing about

We're having a busy time again now all the groups etc. have started back. Pearl is doing a course of weekly sessions run by the Sussex Wildlife Trust. One of the local home ed mums has arranged this and it's a great opportunity for P to do some fun stuff. The first session was this week and they learned how to make fires and then they made toast and hot chocolate over them. P and her friends A and R were so inspired that they repeated the exercise this afternoon, in A's garden. They were watched through the window by impressed parents!

Leo's continuing to blog a lot. Check out the latest part of one of his stories, complete with cool illustrations done on the drawing application on the pc. He's also been back at groups where he has been playing long imaginary games with his friends and making pizza.

Dani and I have been at work too, of course. Busy times there - for both of us.

The whole family is also really into playing Bananagrams. It was one of Leo's Christmas pressies and its a great game.

I am aware that this blog may be morphing into the old one. Such is life.

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