Monday, 22 December 2008

Duck Rock

Here is a bit of video of P and L with friends B and M playing in their band, Duck Rock. This was at the Squeezebox Rocks gig on 20th December. Quality isn't great but it gives you an idea! Their two original songs are called Turquoise Skies and What Are You Doing? This link doesn't have a picture at the moment but do click it and it will play!


a said...

Fantastic! Great to see them do a live performance and very cool that they did two original songs.

peri said...

We all just watched this and are well impressed. I really enjoyed the last number.

Duck Rock certainly does!

Allie said...

Thanks, you two. It is quite a scary experience for them when they perform live but I think they all feel very happy that they do it!

Fiona said...

this is great.