Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Laughs and what counts

Dani and I watched Beautiful People the other night and then found P watching it on i-player. She loves it. It has a few rather risqué jokes but is basically good stuff and I’m glad she’s enjoying it. Dani and I watched a programme about Jake Thackeray on BBC 2 last night and discovered that his songs were part of both our childhoods. My mum and her dad were both fans. If a bit of risqué humour was ok for us then I guess it’s ok for our kids too!

I’ve just had a joyful reunion with a song I LOVED at about the age of fifteen and was reminded of by a homework drama on another blog. It has made me feel so happy that I had to share it. It just about sums up what is important to me in our family life. What counts for me, more than anything, is that my kids know that we are on their side in this rather bizarre world. Whatever they choose to do I hope that they have fun and laughter in their lives and that they are never afraid to go their own way. So, here’s Bowie singing Kooks.


Anonymous said...

I loved Kooks when I was younger-and yes have played it to our children to-with similar sentiments!


a said...

I played that frequently when pregnant! Along with 'Fill your Heart', which is also joyous. Thanks for the reminder

Allie said...

Ah, how nice to find fellow fans! I'd quite forgotten 'Fill your heart' - yes, that is joyous.

mamacrow said...

oh my gosh Kooks! might of guessed you guys loved it too :)