Friday, 21 November 2008

Back again

I have been hopeless about blogging recently. I wanted this blog to be a place for our intelligent and considered thoughts but I think we must be a bit short of those.

We have been busy with real and demanding life. Poor old Bunny, the guinea pig, has been ill. He has been to the vet twice, where they have weighed, prodded and prescribed. I don’t want to tempt fate but in the last day he’s been picking up a bit. A couple of days ago we thought he wouldn’t last long and the vet might advise we speed him on his way. So, please send healing vibes to the old piggy! The kids have been very worried and sad at the thought of losing him. We have no real idea how old he is (he came from the RSPCA as an adult pig) but he could be anything from four years up. I guess he is a fair bit older.

The kids and I went on a home ed trip today – to the Herstmonceux science centre. A local home ed mum had booked a Big Lemon Bus for us to travel on and that gave the day a lovely feel of a Grand Day Out. There was a bridge building exercise for the kids and a show all about sound. We had a great time.

I’ve been doing some extra hours at work too – various meetings and training. I could do with a veg out day but I don’t have one on the horizon.

We had a slight wobble recently, with the number and sorts of commitments we had going on in the family. But everyone had a think about it and decided what they wanted to pursue and what not – and I think we’re all happier now. I know I am! We all have to home ed in whatever way we like but, personally, I’ve never wanted the role of nagger in chief. When everyone in the family is happy with their activities and commitments then the self-motivation kicks in and that nice warm buzz re-emerges. I’m happy when I can feel that. Any other home edders know what I’m talking about? This does seems a tad waffly.

Right, tired now, so off to read some King Arthur to the boy, before I fall asleep at the keyboard.


mamacrow said...

oh dear, healing thoughts aplenty wending their way westwards down the coast for the pig.

we go to Hertzmonxeau quite a bit as it's near to us, and isn't the science centre FAB?! there's also an annual medievel fair at the castle (which I've blogged about) which is well worth a visit.

And yeah, I totaly get what you mean about the self motivation warm fuzzies. not waffly at all! (certainly not compaired to me, anyhow)

Liza said...

hope the piggy is ok, healing vibes on the way :)

sending you some (very blurry!) pics of L doing the bridge building

Allie said...

Thanks, Liza!

Elizabeth said...

I think we all occasionally feel overwhelmed with all the activities outside the home-glad you all had a rethink and are happy with things as they are. Hope everyone stays motivated-at least till the end of term!