Friday, 17 October 2008

Rather gloomy

Bum. Feeling like rubbish, with Rula Lenska voice again. Don’t know why it’s always Rula Lenska who springs to mind. Obviously made some deep impression on me in the late seventies, I guess. The week picked up pace after Monday and I just haven’t been able to shake this off. Got a day off work tomorrow, though, and I’m intending to rest a good deal. But Dani looked decidedly pink of nose last night, so I think she’s probably coming down with it too.

Tuesday the kids had things all afternoon and I needed to be out dropping them off, waiting around and collecting them again, from 1 until about half five. Wednesday included a Kids’ Club meeting and then a strange journey to work. I had to go up to the station to avoid a demo on the road. Good job I did, as the road was finally closed in both directions. Road was open again for my journey home but the buses were still a bit disrupted. Mine was packed with students going out to a club night who were singing rousing drinking songs. Dani had her work AGM in the evening so, when I finished work at 8pm, I had to go round to collect the kids from their cousins’ place. I extracted them quietly, so as not to wake their little cousin D, and we went home. Yesterday was the first day of the history sessions D and I are facilitating for a group of six 10 to 13 year old home edders. I think this went quite well. Then I had to go straight to work for the rest of the day.
By the time I got home last night I was feeling very miserable. I’m just so tired. Poor kids are getting a very grumpy me at the mo. Having one of those days when experiment remnants and the half finished creations are closing in on me and I just haven’t got the energy to deal with it. There never seems to be any less on the list of things that need doing, even though I feel like I never stop. This is why I’m sitting here whining on the keyboard, I guess, instead of actually getting something done. Luckily, we’re off to a home ed group soon, so the kids can get away from me for a bit!

Think I’d better stop there as I don’t seem able to lift this to a happier place. Back another day with a happier post. Will now listen to music, wash up and remember that I really have nothing to moan about.


Di said...

Sorry you're feeling glum Allie. I hope the rest of the day lifts your spirits. xxxx

mamacrow said...

oh I'm sorry (((hugs)))

I do KNOW THE FEELING about the detris closing in on you :-O

I've been a grumpy flump too lately (y'all remember the Flumps, right? Remember when Perkin had a cloud over his head, because he was 'under a cloud' and they sung 'heeeeeee's... a grumpy flump'?)

a said...

Guess what? You're allowed to moan!
And you have been very busy, it's hard to make headway on long-term stuff when daily stuff is consuming quite a lot of time and energy, so let it go as much as you can.
Go eat carbs and watch something cosy!

peri said...

You'll feel better for a bit of a vent and that's what blogs are for. I hope you feel better soon and that it does bypass the others.

Take care and look after yourself.


Lisa G said...

You have my sympathy....sometimes it all gets a bit much and it always seems much worse than it is when you're not feeling great. Take it easy!

Allie said...

Thanks, all. I'm lying about the place hacking away like I'm trying to cough up a lung - but feeling happier. I'm having a pj day tomorrow - planning to read Patrick Gale and watch Miss Marple and sleep.

P washed up breakfast things, which was lovely. Both kids have been giving me extra cuddles and D making me hot drinks. I am lucky.

HelenHaricot said...

hugs allie, a pj day with books sounds like excellent plan. if the weather good, perhaps sitting on the promenade with a book and a view?? a bit of sun at this time of year always helps me anyway.
i think i am a pagan, as i always start getting new years vibes at this time of year and ponder and churn things, which makes ups and downs of weather, ailments and messy houseness always magnified, and when i have finsihed churning - usually at advent when start to feel xmassy - life looks up

Dawny said...

hiya Allie, your post was a couple of days ago so I hope you're feeling happier and healthier now :o)
Isn't it lovely when the children notice you need some extra hugs :-)
hope you're having a nice weekend.

Carlotta said...

I always feel incredibly low the day before I fall ill with a cold. Even though I sometimes spot this happening, it doesn't stop me doing it!

Glad to see you are feeling better in spirit.