Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More than

I’m going to break my own rule and share a snippet from some time I spent with Leo, yesterday, doing maths. (Entirely voluntary maths, for those who may be wondering!) We were looking at something that thought it was introducing the symbols for less than, more than and equal to. (Actually, I guess it thought you knew equals... Mind you, I never really saw that symbol as that, for many years. I thought it was more like a piece of mathematical punctuation – the thing you write before the answer!) Anyway, I was surprised by the way Leo was jotting down these symbols like he’d known them for years.

Allie: “Have you seen these symbols before, Leo?”
Leo: “Well, that one (points to more than) I have.”
Allie: “Yes?” (perplexed)
Leo: “Well it’s from that company, More Than, isn’t it?”
Allie: "Is it?"

And, of course, he is right. It was one of those lovely moments when I am reminded that children are always noticing and absorbing and making connections. I must have seen as many adverts for that company as Leo has but he likes design and I'm not usually paying much attention to it. He notices the look of a thing. He must have noted that strange thing they’d done with the letter A and then slotted that together with the maths page he was looking at. I do like home ed – I learn so much about learning.


Elizabeth said...

Like you-I missed that connection totally! It never fails to amaze me what they notice and store for future reference!

peri said...

I've awarded you the 'I love your blog' award - details are on my blog.