Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Keeping on

In the early hours of Monday I was woken by a throbbing tonsil. I always forget that this term tends to bring coughs and colds aplenty. The students return and share about their germs in the close confines of young lives in halls of residence. Then they come and cough at us over the enquiry desk! Honestly, sometimes I find myself wanting to escort them home with a Lemsip. I struggled to get back to sleep and felt lousy in the morning, so I phoned in sick.

I don’t often do that but it was wise, as I crashed out for about two hours in the afternoon – right when I should have been arriving at work. The rest of the day I lolled about. I devoured nearly all of my latest Patrick Gale book. I loved it. It took me right there, everywhere. I was transported.

Today is going to involve much more going out and about. I could really do without it but these are things the children enjoy and are committed to, so I’ll pop some painkillers and get on with it. I have had a reasonable night’s sleep, so it should be possible. Need to buy some cheap joggers for P, who has an adventure weekend coming up. Need to buy some cheap joggers for L who is displaying his ankles rather a lot. Need to get my head around the demands of a day later in the week when our little history course is starting – check bus times and so on. Need to reply to the CME consultation. Oh no, I feel a list coming on. Now, I must not pick up that new Patrick Gale that I’ve borrowed from E!


Sharon said...

I hope you feel better soon.

I'm loving the new blog, by the way.

Allie said...

Thanks, Sharon :-)

mamacrow said...

'pretty little sally, walking down the alley, a showing of her ankles to all of the men...'

been singing this to Roo lately who also is showing rather a lot of ankle at the moment!

Gill said...

Yes, feel better soon Allie! xxx

You could try warding those students off with some raw garlic..

peri said...

Hope you feel better soon. I swear by gargling with soluble asprin - taste abysmal but works!

hwga said...

What Patick Gale was it? I love his books. They're so real.

Allie said...

It was Notes from an Exhibition. Brilliant.

Garlic and aspirin. I'll give both a go!