Thursday, 25 September 2008


We went to the fair this evening. Now, when I was a child and a teen I could go on the twister and come running off feeling excited and energised. I took the kids on the twister tonight and could barely stagger off the ride! I still enjoyed it but my head seemed to take several minutes to re-adjust. It was the children’s first time on a more scary, grown up ride. They usually want to stick with the giant inflatable slides and flying chairs. They loved it and have decided they will definitely go on it next time the fair comes down.

Leo took a lot of cleaning at bedtime as he appeared to have varnished himself with a thin layer of toffee apple. Pearlie had a luminous pink tongue from consumption of candy floss. There is something magic about taking them to the fair. I can still remember the gut leaping thrill of seeing the fair arriving in town, back when I was Leo’s age.

Yesterday, while I was at work, Dani and the kids went to London to see a show. This was thanks to some free tickets that another home edder was offering on one of the national lists. It was Joseph and his Amazing so on, starring one of the runners up from the BBC Saturday evening show. As it turned out, he wasn’t actually in it but they said the show was excellent. Leo woke me this morning singing - Aaah, Aaah, Aah! - like a member of the chorus. Many thanks are due to the home edder who supplied the tickets.

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peri said...

I used to adore the twister, the switchback and the octopus at the fair at The Level - many a year since I've been on any of them it's something to do with the wide yellow streak down my back and my overwhelming urge to lay eggs ;-)